Etihad Airways Excellence Office, Al Ain

Year:                  2015
Location:   Al Ain, UAE
Category:   Single glazed partitions & Swing Doors
Contractor: Arco Interiors
Size: 408 sqm of single glazed partitions; 28 pcs of single glazed swing doors; 6 pcs of double glazed swing doors
End-User: Etihad Excellence Office
Specifications: Installation of ID 1 glass and solid partitions

Our Solution

We installed frameless single glazed demountable partitions which came with the aluminium profiles, silver anodized and RAL powder-coated. The thin top and bottom runners were 21×26 mm for 12 mm glass, 19×26 mm for 10 mm glass and glass-to-glass junction with double-sided transparent adhesive, glazing groove and an aluminium micro-profile were installed.

We also provided the solution through which light switch can be integrated to the doorframe jamb.